After the tragic loss of her daughter to cancer, Ann Grady became a CLIC Sargent volunteer - to help other parents cope with their own battles.

"10 years ago I lost my beautiful daughter Molly-Ann to cancer. Molly-Ann and my whole family were supported brilliantly by CLIC Sargent during treatment, as well as after she died, and a couple of years later I decided that I wanted to give something back to the charity."

Ann’s daughter, Molly-Ann, sadly passed away on Christmas Day 2005, losing her brave battle with cancer just before her fourth birthday. Rather than allowing her grief to overcome her life, Ann decided to become a CLIC Sargent volunteer - to help other parents going through similar struggles.

"Our free accommodation means that the whole family can stay together during treatment. I absolutely love my job supporting the children, young people and families that stay with us.”

After starting work with CLIC Sargent as a volunteer 10 years ago - Ann is now a Home from Home Manager at CLIC House in Bristol - a residential home which puts young people undergoing treatment and their families a ‘slipper walk’ away from hospital. Supporting other parents hit by cancer diagnosis in their children, Ann also runs coffee mornings to support those whose children have recently lost their battle.

"As I have travelled the journey, I really do know how hard it is for families but I also see all the support our fabulous charity does to make that journey a little bit easier and I am really proud to say I work for CLIC Sargent."





Watch to see Ann (thinking she is going to an interview with a local paper) surprised by her friends, family and Morrisons…