Through their ‘Snack and Give Back’ campaign, our friends at McVitie’s are helping us fight for young lives struck by cancer, by donating 5p to CLIC Sargent from every pack of McVitie’s biscuits sold between 28th June and 11th July. Treat yourself to some Nibbles, Hobnobs or Digestives straight out of the pack, or try them in our fun baking recipes for a sweet treat in the name of charity.


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CLIC Sargent is the UK’s leading charity for young cancer patients and their families. Thanks to this summer’s ‘Snack and Give Back’ campaign, we’re hoping to help raise £100,000 in the fight for young lives struck by cancer.

How you can ‘bake a difference’ to CLIC Sargent

Take a look at these fun McVitie’s biscuit recipes. There’s a vegan option and a gluten free alternative too, so you can bake a batch for family, friends or workmates knowing you’ve given a little back to CLIC Sargent in the process.


Rocky Road Recipe

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Gluten Free Oat and Marshmallow Mega Feast Recipe

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Buy your biscuits between 28th June-11th July
Whether you’re a hobnobber, a ginger nutter or a digestive lover, 5p from your purchase will go towards supporting our work with young people up and down the UK.

Gingernuts and Lemon Crunch Vegan Tart Recipe

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Salted Caramel Brownies Recipe

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Fighting for young lives struck by cancer

In January, Morrisons staff around the UK voted to work with CLIC Sargent for the next three years as our official charity partner. Money raised through the ‘Snack and Give Back’ campaign will help CLIC Sargent offer more support to young cancer patients and their families, and help them meet the increased living expenses that can come with a cancer diagnosis - funds will also go towards expanding the charity’s specialist nursing programme. Find out more about what CLIC Sargent do here.


“If our office is anything to go by, a lot of CLIC Sargent supporters love a cup of tea and a biscuit. It is brilliant to know that people will be able to pick up some biccies and help us fight for young lives struck by cancer.”
Rachel Kirby-Rider, Director of Income & Engagement for CLIC Sargent

A Big Biscuity Thank you to CLIC Sargent’s wonderful volunteers

As well as donations from biscuit sales, McVitie’s have also surprised some of CLIC Sargent’s most heroic volunteers with a Big Biscuity Thank You hamper over the past few weeks. We’d like to join them in saying a massive thanks - and well done - to ‘The Hampshire Houdini’, Dan Churchley, who escaped from a straightjacket while dangled upside down beneath Portsmouth’s Spinnaker Tower to raise money for CLIC Sargent. Other special fundraisers include Mel Finch and Kim Ward, friends who ran the London Marathon together for the charity, but raised even more funds by taking requests for ‘carpool karaoke’ performances which they filmed for YouTube.


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