When it comes to cooking for the family, it’s not always easy to keep things varied. With the help of nutritional therapist – Alice Fotheringham – Piccolo are here with a helping hand. Their cooking ingredients are inspired by family recipes to help take the pressure off on the days that catch you off guard.

Piccolo offer a diverse range of cooking ingredients, including stir-in sauces, pastas and stock cubes. Not only will these ingredients make your homemade meals extra tasty, they also tick all the boxes you’re looking for:

Always Organic ✔️

Nutritional Therapist Approved ✔️

No Added Sugar or Salt* ✔️


*Note: As part of range, the cooking stock cubes contain a controlled salt level. 

Black Bean Tacos

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Recipe 1: Black Bean Tacos

A great one-pot recipe for all the family.

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Pasta Stars with Broccoli

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Recipe 2: Pasta Stars with Broccoli

Simple creamy broccoli pasta.

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Speedy Cottage Pie

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Recipe 3: Speedy Cottage Pie

This quick cottage pie makes a fantastic meal for toddlers in minutes.

Contains celery & dairy.

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Tomato & Basil Risotto

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Recipe 4: Tomato & Basil Risotto

This comforting risotto is a great dish for a baby, but also works made in batches for the whole family. This risotto is also delicious if you add prawns or cooked chicken to it.

Contains almonds.

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