Get party ready with Morrisons regal Coronation decorations. From King Charles bunting, crown bunting, and a 12-piece balloon bundle, we've got your street party and garden party decor covered! Final flourishes include Union Jack napkins, plates, cups and paper straws to add a British touch to your plans. Or why not get crafty with the kids this bank holiday? Keep scrolling to find out how to make picnic crown clips, easy bunting and chair decorations.

King Charles Waving Flags

6 flags

Wave in the celebrations with this fun Union Jack flag with King Charles outline, featuring a “God Save The King” slogan.

£2.00 | In-store from 10th April

How To Make Royal Decorations

Picnic crown clips

Paper plates and wooden cutlery are perfect for eating outdoors. Keep them tidy with these handy painted pegs.

  1. Paint wooden pegs in red, white and blue. Leave to dry then write on ‘Royal Wedding’ with a permanent marker pen.
  2. Cut out some crown shapes and colour them in
  3. Stick them on the pegs for decoration. Use your pegs to clip together a plate, napkin, knife and fork.

Easy bunting

Bunting is great for decorating tables, hanging in trees and stringing from house-to-house.

  1. Draw and cut out a large diamond from a piece of A4 paper or card. Use this as a template to cut out diamonds from red, white and blue paper tablecloths.
  2. Alternate the coloured diamonds along a piece of string (this can be as long as you want to make your bunting) then fold the diamonds over the string to form triangles. Glue flat and leave to dry.
  3. Use poster paint to write a message on your bunting, such as ‘Happy Wedding Day'. Leave to dry before using to decorate your street.

Chair decorations

These colourful chair sashes are another great way to decorate your street party. They’re really easy to make, too.

  1. Cut out 5cm width bands from red, white and blue crepe paper – it’s much easier to do this if you keep the paper folded, then unfold it when you’ve finished cutting the strips.
  2. Tie the strips to the backs of the chairs in a bow.
  3. Cut V-shapes into the ends of the paper strips to create a neat finish.