Letterbox Flowers are a great way to buy flowers as a gift (or a treat for yourself), with the freedom to get creative and make your own beautiful flower arrangements.

Ashley, Head Designer at Morrisons Flowerworld offers her top tips for making the most out of your selection with a beautiful homemade flower arrangement.

How To Unpack Your Letterbox Flowers

  1. Your stems will arrive dry and flat-packed. Simply open the box, and undo the ribbon that’s tied around the craft paper.
  2. Before you start, get yourself a clean vase - fill with fresh water and add your flower food.
  3. Get all the flowers out, putting the different varieties together in different bundles.

How To Prepare Your Stems

  1. Once all your flowers are lined up (remember to keep each variety separate), remove the foliage.
  2. Give the stems a cut, at an angle, taking around an inch off the bottom with scissors.
  3. Some stems may look a little ‘tired’ from the journey, but will pick up as soon as you put them in water.

How To Arrange Your Flowers

  1. Place your vase in front of you on a steady surface.
  2. Angle your blooms with the bottom of the stem to the left and the flower up to the right.
  3. Start with the heavier stems and place your stems one at a time.
  4. Alternate your picks - avoid placing two of the same variety one after the other.
  5. Twist your vase as you go to build up a ‘bunch’ arrangement.
  6. As you fill your vase, start adding stems into the middle and fill the gaps.

Ashley’s Top tip

When your Letterbox Flowers reach their shelf-life (or just before), try giving the stems another trim and repeat the process in a smaller vase. If you have some stems that have lasted longer than others, split these off into smaller arrangements around the home.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Flowers

  1. Cut around an inch off the end of all the flower stems - aim for a 45 degree angle
  2. Take off any leaves that will be below the water level
    Show off the flowers in a cool location, ideally out of direct bright sunlight
  3. Refresh the flowers every three or four days - re-cut stems and put in fresh, clean water
  4. Keep the flowers away from ethylene-emitting fruit bowls (ie with strawberries or bananas)