Our very own 21 Day Matured British Steak is officially The Best. Named ‘Best Beef Product’ at the Supermeat & Fish Retailer of the Year awards 2017, our prime fillet is a real treat for meat-lovers (take a look at the recipe below for inspiration), and testament to the hard work of our Great British farmers.

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Why our 21 Day Matured Steak really is ‘The Best’
The cut is dry-aged for 14 days on the bone, then matured for another 7 days for a rich, meaty flavour and tender texture
The steak comes from British breeds of cattle like the Shorthorn, which is well-known for its texture and flavour
The marbling in the meat gives it a great flavour and tenderness

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All Morrisons fresh meat is 100% British, 100% of the time. Find out more here >>

"We know that steak is a real treat for our customers and its texture and flavour are really important. We’re really pleased to sell Britain’s best steak but the real heroes are the farmers that work with us to rear these amazing breed of cattle."
Rob Youngson, Meat Director at Morrisons

Try our award winning fillet steak in this tasty recipe…

Individual Beef and Chestnut Wellingtons really make the most of our award winning steak - they're just the dish for a celebration, or a special treat as an alternative to a Sunday Roast joint.

View full recipe to buy the steak and other ingredients online >>

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