This year, we've got plenty of terrifyingly tasty treats to tuck into to help you mark Halloween in delicious style. 

From spooooky spider gingerbread biscuits and mummy cupcakes to a hauntingly Halloweeny gingerbread house, you're sure to have plenty of fun creating, tucking in and enjoying these sweet treats this year. 

Take a look at the range below available in our stores, and be sure to check out the recipe inspiration for cooking up your own ghoulish feasts at home. Mwa-ha-ha-happy Halloween! 

Mummy Cupcakes

Pick up a 2-pack of these terrifying treats for £1.

Gingerbread Halloween House

Create and decorate your own spoooky Halloween House, pick one up for £5.

Spider Gingerbread

Creepy crawlies just got tasty - pick up a spooky Spider Gingerbread Biscuit for £1 each.