This year, we've got plenty of terrifyingly tasty treats to tuck into to help you mark this Halloween in style. 

From spooooky sausages and spicy fright pizza to a hauntingly Halloween gingerbread house, you're sure to have plenty of fun creating, tucking in and enjoying these treats this year. 

Take a look at the range below and when it will be available in our stores. Plus be sure to check out the recipe inspiration for cooking up your own ghoulish feasts and conjuring up some creepy cocktails. Mwa-ha-ha-happy Halloween!

Gingerbread Halloween House

Create and decorate your own spoooky Halloween House, pick one up for just £4.99. Available from the 16th to 31st October.

Halloween Cupcake Platter

Trick or treat? Start your Halloween with a tasty treat from our cupcake platter. Pick up your 9 pack for £4.99 from the 16th to 31st October.

Decorate Your Own Pumpkin Biscuits

Dare you decorate your own Pumpkin Gingerbread biscuits? Pick up your kit for just £1.99 between 25th and 31st October.

Ghost Crumpets

Supernatural just got scrummy - grab a pack of spooky ghost crumpets for just £1.25. Available from 16th October to 31st October.

Big Banger Footlong

Trick or Treat your taste buds with our big banger footlong. Head to our meat counter from 23rd October to the 5th November to get your claws on yours, just £1 each or 4 for £3.

Spicy Fright Feast

Enjoy our spooktacular stonebaked pizza with fiery tomato sauce, lashings of chilli cheese, scarily good jalapeno pepperoni & spicy chicken topped with hot chillies. Head to our pizza counter and grab yours for just £3.50 or get 2 for a fiver. Available from 23rd October to 5th November.

Hellfire Sausage

Pick up your horrifying Hellfire Sausage for just £3.25 or 2 for £5. Available from the 23rd October to 14th November.