A smoothie really is whatever you make it. You have the freedom to experiment – and we’ve made it easy to create your own breakfast drink recipe with a handy Smoothie Selector.

Whether you need a quick-hit breakfast before you hit the gym, fancy more fruit in your diet or just want to mix things up during the week, we’re here to help. To really make your mornings, we’ve created a handy smoothie selector to help you discover new and exciting blendable breakfasts with the most popular smoothie ingredients. Go on, give it a whirl... 

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Top tips for your next smoothie experiment:

  • Freeze your ingredients or use frozen fruit and veg selections for smooth consistency.
  • Add lemon or lime to help preserve the smoothie.
  • Use avocado to make savoury smoothies creamy and thick, or a banana for a sweet smoothie.
  • Try different oils from our Selector – don’t add any more than a teaspoon though.
  • Mix in leafy greens, it’ll improve the texture and make it easier to blend.

Have you had any tasty ideas of your own that we haven’t thought of? Visit us on Facebook and tell us about your own favorite smoothie selection. 

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