We're bringing back a ‘farm shop style’ pick-your-own local eggs stand in 200 stores across the country. Look out for special stands in Market Street with free range hen's eggs you can box yourself.

Pick Your Own Eggs at Morrisons

Morrisons pick-your-own free range hen's eggs will range in size – from 63g-73g. They will cost 22p each, £1 for six, or £5 for 30.

In stores around the country you'll now be able to pick your own free range hen's eggs - based on their size, colour, shape and speckles - so you can be sure that your eggs aren’t cracked, or smaller than expected. You can also buy anything from a single egg in a recycled box, to 30 eggs in a tray.Pick Your Own Eggs

The free range hen's eggs will be sourced from farms from across Britain**, and our 'pick-your-own' stand will also help cater for smaller or larger households and reduce waste. Currently dairy and eggs account for 9 per cent of food thrown away in the home***. 

Pick Your Own Eggs In Store

To further reduce waste, we're encouraging customers to re-use their Morrisons egg box upon each return visit.

“Some customers told us they wanted to select their own eggs – to ensure none were cracked and to buy the exact amount they needed. We thought reintroducing a traditional pick-your-own local eggs stand would help to do this. In trials customers have told us that they love selecting their own eggs, have found it has cut down on waste in their homes, and love buying produce from their local area.”
Robert Hofmann, Egg Buyer at Morrisons

* Service Available in 200 stores.
** Yorkshire, Cumbria, Somerset, Bedfordshire, Wales, Sussex, Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, Durham, Kent,
Lincolnshire + two suppliers from Leicestershire.
*** WRAP - Household food waste: restated data for 2007-2015.