There are thousands of varieties of pears, but British types are at their best in September through to October. They come from the same family as apples, so work well in recipes that make the most of both, and are as great in warming autumn meals as they are everyday desserts. Of course, you could simply enjoy as a snack or chopped into a salad, but here are some of our favourite ways to try something a little different with this sweetest of treats.

 Recipes To Try This Autumn

Stilton Pears

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Baked Pears with Stilton and Honey

A delicious and elegant dish, which is easy to prepare for a dish with a difference - ideal as a dessert to combine something sweet with your cheese course.

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Frangipane Tart

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Chocolate and Pear Frangipane Tart

Chocolate and pear are delicious together, add them to a delightfully almond-y frangipane and you’ll have a heavenly dessert.

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Fruity Chutney

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Apple & Pear Chutney

Piled on cheese and biscuits or served as a dip, this fruity chutney is a great store cupboard item to have on hand. Make your own bread too and it’ll taste even better.

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Pecan Tarte

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Apple, Pear & Pecan Tart

This tart recipe makes the most of delicious, seasonal apples and pears. The pecans add a lovely texture and flavour to the tart, which serves up wonderfully with a dollop of cream.

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How To Store Your Pears

Pears won't stay as perky for as long as apples do, so store at room temperature if you need them to ripen up, or pop them into the fridge if they're already ripe - especially if you need them to keep for a few days before you rustle up your recipe.

Preparing Your Pears

Just like apples, pears need a good clean under the tap. Chop off any rough bits, and peel if you need to for your recipe. Then simply follow the cooking instructions and enjoy.