Our wonky range really is growing all the time. In fact, you can find ten vegetables and five wonky fruits in our stores, with selected packs available online too. Here’s a guide to the weird and wonderful produce you can buy at Morrisons.

We’re always doing our best to reduce waste at Morrisons, and help make sure farmers don’t have to throw away any ‘imperfect’ produce. That’s why we sell more wonky fruit and veg than you might realise, with the focus on helping you eat tasty meals for less.


“We've recently expanded our wonky range to 15 products. For growers and customers, battling waste is important, and we are currently using 700 tonnes per week of crop that would otherwise have been wasted.”
Megan Moore, Produce Buyer at Morrisons

Here's our full wonky range:

Tip: Chop it up for a homemade Chinese ‘Makeaway’, and rustle up a simple stir fry.

Tip: Cauliflower cheese of course - the sauce covers up any wonkiness and it’ll taste as good as ever.

Carrots (also available online)
Tip: Once you’ve sliced, diced or chopped them up, wonky carrots are great for throwing into a slow-cooker stew on chillier evenings, a carrot cake for friends, or grated for your summer salads.

Potatoes (also available online)
Tip: These funny looking finds are great for livening up a jacket spud lunch, and fine for roasting as you normally would - the strange shapes can make them extra crispy too.

Parsnips (also available online)
Tip: Scatter your chopped wonky parsnips into a tray bake, or just roast them up in maple syrup for a really rustic-looking side dish.


“Knobbly carrots and parsnips do not taste or cook any differently from other vegetables and should be saved from supermarket reject bins.”
Neil Parish, Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee Chairman

Onions (also available online)
Tip: Onions are for chopping, slicing, blending, blitzing and using as a tasty ingredient - so our wonky ones will do the trick when it comes to making sauces and soups.

Tip: A little like the onion, these mis-shaped salad favourites can be chopped finely and blended into your sauces - but we think the quirky curves on them will add a lovely depth to salads too.

Tip: Anyone for apple pie? Chop up a bag full of wonky apples and you’re all set for a delicious Sunday dinner dessert.

Tip: Use a spiraliser to turn an extra curvy courgette into vegetarian noodles, or cut into ribbons for a barbecue salad.

Tip: It’s time to get juicing and prepare your own OJ on a morning. Once you slice them in half, they’re just the same as our regular round ones.

Asparagus (also available online)
Tip: Simply chop them up into warm salads, risotto dishes or a frittata and nobody will ever know they weren’t perfectly straight when you bought them. Even served whole, they look great on a bed of coous cous and halloumi.

“We’ve stepped in to buy the wonky asparagus crop as we wanted to help growers and put this normally luxury ingredient into the hands of shoppers for just a pound.”
Michael Weightman, Asparagus Buyer at Morrisons

Avocado (also available online)
Tip: Smash it up as an alternative to mayonnaise, make a guacamole for your next night in or toss into a salad.

Tip: Bring out the blender - wonky fruits like these come out just the same as regular picks when you make your own smoothies.

Tip: Try wonky plums in a summer pudding (use our wonky blueberries too) and - your friends and family will never know unless you tell them.

Tip: A pair of wonky pears will work really well in a dessert - try caramelising them for a sweet taste of summer.