Av-ailable for just £2 each (saving customers around a third compared with buying a two pack*), these giant fruits are up to three times their usual weight and are sure to be a big hit on Market Street. Look out for them from 12th November and pick up something a little different for your brunches and lunches.  

Fast Facts For Avocado Aficionados

  1. They can measure up to 25cm in diameter and can even weigh up to 1 kilo.
  2. They are grown in Argentina, with a 70% flesh to 30% stone ratio (at least as good as your average avocado)
  3. Each avocado could make around 12 portions of avocado on toast.**

Did you know...an Avocado is a tree, and an avocado - its fruit - is botanically classed as a berry

If avocado on toast is too mainstream, the avocado phenomenon has produced several alternative (and rather unusual) uses for the on-trend fruit. They could be the perfect vessel for an extra-large ‘Avocado Latte’ (classic coffee favourite served in the hollowed-out skin) or even avocado chocolate mousse. You could go for a great big guacamole too if you're entertaining a big crowd, using one large avocado instead of three normal-sized ones.

Avocado Expert at Morrisons, James Turner, said: “Despite their size, these avocados still have a distinctive creamy flavour. The skin turns from green to black when they’re ripe, so you’ll always know when they’re ready to eat. Because avocados are so popular right now, we think these will fly off the shelves.”

The giant avocados will be on sale in the majority of Morrisons stores from Monday 12th November until Sunday 16th December 2018. While stocks last.