Did you know that many of the items you see on our shelves and on Market Street are picked, chopped, baked, cut, filleted, seasoned and packaged by us? Here are just some of the freshly made and prepared foods you can find at Morrisons.

Every day, thousands of butchers, bakers, fishmongers, and other Market Street specialists make or prepare the food they serve in our stores. Here are just some of the products that we make from scratch or prepare for you every day. 

1. Coburg cob

This popular bakery classic is made from scratch by our in-store bakers, so you can enjoy that just-baked taste at home without having to knead, fold and prove your own batch.

2. Finger rolls

Made from scratch by our very own bakers, our freshly baked 6-packs are ideal for barbecue hot dogs, picnics, party sandwiches or packed lunches.

3. Fresh cream palmier

Baked by our in-store cake specialists, these buttery, crisp, moreish pastries (and fluffy, light 100% British cream) will go down well with the whole family.

4. Oven fresh chicken

Our oven-roasted and ready-to-serve fresh chickens are cooked for you in store, and are as juicy as they are full of flavour, meaning you can get the family together for quality time at the dinner table - without having to slave over the dinner.

5. Focaccia

This delicious, herby focaccia flatbread is made from scratch by our in-store bakers and is perfect for when you want to style-up your sandwiches or pick up a ‘treat’ side dish to share at dinner.

6. Raspberry trifle

Handmade by our in-store cake specialists, these trifles will impress everyone at a dinner party. They’re also great for a last minute cheat if you run out of time before a dinner party (our lips are sealed).

7. Fish pie

We prepare our own fresh fish pies in store for you - so you can enjoy a tasty family meal without having to make it yourself.

8. Large white baps

These soft, large white baps are made from scratch by our in-store bakers, so you can swap-out the sliced bread and make more of your lunch with fresh, tasty rolls.

9. Grillsticks

Our grillsticks are freshly prepared in store, with delicious Beef, Lamb or Pork for you to enjoy on the barbecue, or cook inside for a quick bite.

10. Seafood skewer

We make our salmon, lightly smoked salmon, seabass, smoked haddock, tuna and king prawn skewers fresh in store. With no mess or preparation to worry about, it’s easier than ever to put fish on your dish.

11. Apple pies

These family favourites are baked in store and sugared by hand straight from the oven. All you need to do is decide whether you want custard or ice cream with it.

12. Salmon swirls

Our salmon swirls really are a catch - we serve up these mouthwatering freshly prepared bites in store, with cream cheese and spinach.

13. Fruit tarts

These little light-bites are filled by our in-store cake specialists so you don’t have to fuss. Made with deliciously fresh fruit and light pastry, they’re the perfect excuse to have afternoon tea.

14. British beef steak burgers

Our burgers are handmade in store. They’re ready to go straight on the grill or barbecue as soon as you get home - and ideal for sharing with friends and family.

15. British steak pies

Our British steak pies are made to our own recipe and baked by us in our own Farmers Boy bakery. All you need to do is take them home and enjoy a freshly prepared and full of flavour meal with the family.