If you fancy something a little different to drink this autumn, try our 'guest' flavoured Beers of Interest - available in store for a limited time only. From chocolate to liquorice, marmalade and other quirky notes, you'll find a number of stand-out bottles in our aisles.

Fruity & Spiced Flavoured Beers


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Factfile: Raspberry & Eldeflower

Region: Bungay, Suffolk

Brewery: St. Peter's

Style & Taste: A warm raspberry aroma with a slight late bitter finish. Brewed using Hallertau traditional, Celia & Saaz hops with lager malts.

Food Pairing: Most puddings

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Factfile: Marmalade Porter

Region: Wold Newton, Yorkshire

Brewery: Wold Top

Style & Taste: A complex rich dark porter with a malty base. A beer with overtones of bitter orange and hints of coffee and chocolate.

Food Pairing: Sweeter foods, chocolate mousse and cheese.

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Factfile: Elderflower Power

Region: Winestead, East Yorkshire

Brewery: Great Newsome

Style & Taste: Made with British Golding and First Gold hops, this blonde pale ale has a heady bouquet of elderflowers, giving this beer a distinctive floral character.

Food Pairing: Thai food

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Factfile: Old Ginger Tom Ale

Region: Stockport, Cheshire

Brewery: Robinsons

Style & Taste: Specially brewed using fresh ginger root and botanical extracts to give a ginger and pepper kick.

Food Pairing: Cheesecake and strong cheese

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Steve Magnall, CEO at St. Peter's shares his thoughts on flavoured beer - with the brewery having produced its first fruit beer over 20 years ago:

Flavoured beer can be created in several ways. Yeasts can be used, so you get a sour style fruit flavour, or you can add actual fruits (although a lot of the flavour is lost because the sugar is converted to alcohol). Hops can give some fruit flavourings or you can add extracts that provide a more concentrated taste. We use natural extracts (so nothing artificial) and this way we are able to play around with different flavour combinations to see how they work.

Fruit beer would obviously appeal to someone with a sweeter tooth, but is also a great way of taming some of the stronger flavours. As an example, our Plum Porter, which we launched in the Morrisons Beer Festival last year, is a nice way of balancing a fruit with a strong porter. 

Quirky Flavoured Beers

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