We're flying the flag for English beers at Morrisons. Here’s our pick from around the country when it comes to quirky or lesser-known drops.

English Beer Brewed In The North

Wharfe Bank Tether Blonde - Yorkshire
English Beer - Tether

Here's a beer that features a zingy galaxy hop for citrus flavours and hints of elderflower on the aroma.
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Tyne Bank Monument - Newcastle Upon Tyne
English Beer Two Hoots

This proud English beer has hints of caramel balanced with floral notes from the delicate English hops.
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Two Hoots Golden Ale - Greater Manchester
English Beer Two Hoots

Whether you’re a red or a blue, you can get behind England with this light and fruity choice - ideal if you want to stick to the same ale for two or three bottles before trying something else.
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English Beer Brewed In The Midlands

Titanic Dark Strong Plum Porter - Staffordshire
English Beer Titanic

This one works well for a half time treat - fruity and well rounded and worth taking a little time over as you reflect on the first 45 minutes.
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Wainwright Golden Ale - Wolverhampton
English Beer Wainwrights

A superb thirst quenching beer packed full of flavour, lightly hopped with subtle sweet notes and a delicate citrus aroma - ideal for a post-match pour or half-time refresher with a half time barbecue.
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English Beer Brewed In The South

St. Austell Tribute - Cornwall
English Beer Tribute

A moreishly drinkable and sessionable beer, full of delicious full-bodied malt flavours and citrus aroma.
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Badger Hopping Hare - Dorset

A refreshingly light hoppy pale ale. A marriage of aromatic citrus and the finest English Flagon barley makes this one a top pick.
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Whitstable Bay Organic Ale - Kent
English Beer Whitstable

Citrusy hops and nutty malt flavours create a fresh drink with additional notes of ripe fruit.
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Boon Doggle - Hampshire
English Beer Boon

A fruity craft ale, the ‘Doggle’ is ideal best enjoyed with a few nuts, so remember to stock up on snacks too.
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