We have six new ways to freshen up one of our favourite British produce, like our new-season lamb.

1. Roasted leg of lamb stuffed with leeks and tarragon

If you want to up your Sunday Roast game, try this recipe. The stuffing creates a delicious side dish to serve with your roasted lamb, and Tarragon will add an aroma and taste that will leave everyone at the dinner table wanting more.

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Our chef says:

"Take your lamb from the fridge 15-20 minutess before roasting, to get it to room temperature - this helps to achieve an even roast. Use a roasting dish that’s close to the size of the joint so the lamb juices don’t burn.

Baste your joint with the pan juices (use a mixture of olive oil and lemon if you don’t have enough juices). Always rest before carving, this allows the juices to filter back into the meat and makes for a juicier joint."

2. Rosemary-crusted rack of lamb with sticky shallots

This meal is bound to be a winner for dinner on date night. Dressing a rack of lamb with rosemary and other fragrant herbs will make your meal smell good - and taste even better.

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3. Lamb chops with rosemary beans

Lamb chops are a great and simple choice - and you can make them even tastier with this recipe. It’s a novel way to serve up spring lamb, with the beans complementing the succulent lamb chops.

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4. Moroccan-spiced lamb burgers with baba ganoush

Delicate but flavoursome, Moroccan spice adds a tasty zing to spring lamb. If you’re lucky enough to be out barbecuing on a sunny day, flame-grill the aubergines for even more flavour.

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5. Indian curried lamb with sour cream wrap

If you’re looking for something summery and spicy, try our Indian lamb recipe for a tasty change. These wraps are filling, full of flavour and easy to throw together.

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6. Lamb hotpot with roast savoy wedges

For a traditional and hearty meal, fill your boots with a tasty lamb hotpot and flavoursome savoy wedges on the side. This is a top recipe for a family and there’ll be plenty to go around.

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