It can be difficult to balance tastiness with healthiness. But make a few simple changes to your everyday eats with these food swaps from our Nutritionist Bryonie, and you’ll never look back.

Food swap 1

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Out with the: Whole Milk
In with the: Almond Milk

“Almond what?” we hear you say. Well, if you haven’t already tried this increasingly popular, subtle-tasting alternative, you’ll soon be wondering why you left it so long. Fortified with vitamin D and calcium, which both help keep bones and teeth healthy and normal, almond milk is a dairy-free option you can easily add to your diet.

Food swap 2

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Out with the: Spaghetti
In with the: Spir-etti

Spaghetti is always a popular choice, and we still love a delicious traditional bolognese. Every now and then, you could swap it for spiralised vegetables instead. Courgettes, carrots and butternut squash are full of crunch so you still get that pasta-like, al dente consistency. We’ve even tried spaghetti and spiralised veg mixed together for the best of both worlds - and we loved it.

Food swap 3

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Out with the: Sugar on your cereal
In with the: Fruity toppings

Most of us grew up with a spoonful of sugar on our cornflakes. Try a few blueberries, raspberries or strawberries on there instead, and you’ll see just how sweet things can be without that little sprinkle.

Food swap 4

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Out with the: Mayo
In with the: Avo

Yep. That’s right, a smashed avocado is after mayo’s job. We still love a good dollop of reduced fat mayonnaise, but more and more people are mixing things up for their sandwich spreads and salad toppings. It’s an easy way to add more green to your diet, as well as a tempting splash of colour to your plate. You could even try stir-frying some veggies using avocado oil, or make some homemade chips or wedges to dip into a movie night guacamole.

Food swap 5

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Out with the: Ready-made smoothies
In with the: Home-blended breakfasts

Some bottled options can come with unwanted added sugar (boo to that). On the other hand, freshly blitzed fruit made in the comfort of your own kitchen (well worth getting up 10 minutes earlier to do) is an easy way to keep an eye on exactly what you’re drinking. The world is your orange when it comes to smoothie recipe choices. If you’re using fruit juice, remember not to fill up on any more than 150mls per day.

We love playing with different food alternatives. If you have some of your own, share them on our Facebook page.