Introducing Britain’s biggest supermarket steak...just in time for Father’s Day. Weighing in at nearly a kilo, the 32 ounce Daddy Steak is four times the size of a typical 8 ounce rump steak and you can pick one up (with a little help) for £8.16.

The limited time only £9/kg rump steak deal will be available in store, right up until Father's Day on Sunday 17th June.

Rump steak is full of flavour and particularly good for frying or griddling. Before you take one home though, it's worth pointing out that the 32 ounce steak is approximately 30cm wide and you'll will need a large pan to cook it in. 

32 ounce steak

Customers who aren’t up for the challenge, or want to serve up their Father's Day steak dishes using smaller fillets or sirloins can, as always, ask our butchers to cut their meat to order - they'll also be happy to offer serving and sauce suggestions. 

“We know that many dads love steak on Father’s Day. This monster is an absolute bargain at less than £9 and we hope our dads will love it.”
Matt Slater, Butchery Buyer at Morrisons

This year we're also selling a 1lb burger at £3 as well as a giant 50p bap in store and online - ideal if you're bringing out the barbecue for the man of the moment.

Daddy Burger

To find different ideas for Father's Day meals if he's not a steak man, take a look at our collection of Morrisons recipes. And if you want to take him out for a treat, our Morrisons Cafe menu is well worth a look.

Subject to availability which may vary across our stores.