Making the most of your freezer can help you eat a more sustainable diet. Find out more below.
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Frozen Reduces Food Waste

Did you know that the world wastes around a third of the food it produces? As such, anything the individual can do to help prevent food waste can only have a positive impact on the issue of limited resources and a growing population. Freezing is one such step, and it can actually reduce in-home food waste by up to 5-6 times compared to fresh food. (source: Martindale (2014) Using consumer surveys to determine food sustainability, British Food Journal, Vol. 116 Issue: 7, pp.1194-1204) 

Reducing your food waste by freezing can also have a positive impact on your bank balance - it allows you to simply use what you need before returning any extras back to the freezer for another time, as well as freezing any leftovers - it’s a win-win for freezing.

Meal Planner

Making the most of your freezer is a great way to boost the variety within your diet. Freezing food can lock in nutrients and freshness, so your food will be just as enjoyable as the day it was frozen. To help you make the most of your freezer, Birds Eye has created a 7-day frozen meal planner that’s full of sustainable and tasty meals.
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Wholemeal toast topped with no-added sugar jam, with a banana.


Get inspired with this delicious selection of recipes. Featuring weeknight favourites and new and exciting ingredients, browse the selection below.
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Crispy Fish Finger Pie

A new take on a classic fish pie, this tasty dish is easy to make and ready in no time. Serves 4.

  • Packet 10 Omega 3 Fish Fingers
  • 500g Frozen mash potato
  • 240g Frozen Garden Peas
  • Tbsp grated cheese
  1. Cook the potatoes, fish fingers and frozen peas according to pack instructions.
  2. Assemble the pie by putting the cooked fish fingers in the base of the dish, then top with the peas and then cover the top with the mashed potatoes, sprinkle with grated cheese.
  3. Place under grill for 5 minutes to melt and brown the cheese, or you can put it in the oven for approximately 20 minutes at 200ᵒc.


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