Make Mum's morning with breakfast in bed - the ultimate start to Mother's Day. While you treat her to a lie-in, sneak off to the kitchen to make one of these delicious dishes for the perfect Mother's Day brunch. Serve up a surprise to start the day with Poached Eggs with Avocado and Feta on Toast, French Toast or something else from our mouthwatering menu.

Poached Eggs with Avocado and Feta on Toast

A great combination of flavours perfect for brunch - sure to serve up a smile on Mother's Day. 

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Chocolate, Coconut and Banana Pancakes

A delicious, easy, sweet topping to turn a simple pancake into an indulgent breakfast in bed (or a fabulous dessert) on Mother's Day or any other day. Start by following our basic pancake mix recipe.

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This Middle Eastern inspired dish is a colourful, tasty and interesting way to enjoy eggs. Ideal for brunch in bed over the weekend.

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Chickpea, Red Pepper and Egg Hash

Another brunch that tastes even better in bed. Try this simple and healthy vegetarian alternative to serve mum for breakfast or brunch. 

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Panettone French Toast

Use panettone or a similar cake-loaf to create this quick, easy, indulgent snack for a delicious breakfast in bed. Any chocolate spread will work if nuts aren't an option, and you can use chocolate chips instead too.

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