What is Green Tea?

This variety of tea is made from Camellia Sinensis leaves, which do not go through the same withering or oxidation that black tea does - which is why it retains its vibrant green colour. Originally from China, Green Tea’s popularity has spread across the world, and it is now used in beauty products and cosmetics as well as dietary supplements.

How can I buy Green Tea?

You’ll find Green Tea as fresh leaves, in tea bags or as ground powder - as well as an ingredient in skincare products or other cosmetics such as shower gel or bath fizzes.

What does Green Tea taste like?

Green Tea, as a drink, tastes bittersweet and a little ‘grassy’ - and its flavour gets more and more intense the longer you brew it for. You’ll also find tea bags with extra flavouring such as lemon or mint.

How can I try Green Tea?

Try Green Tea as a supplement to a balanced diet, in capsule form.