1. Open to UK residents aged 16 or over.
  2. Save 5p per litre of fuel when you spend £35 or more in store in one transaction between Thursday 5th Jan – Sunday 15th Jan 2023. Excludes transactions Online & Gibraltar.
  3. £35 spend excludes: Fuel, Tobacco, Lottery products, Carrier Bag Charges, M-Cafe,  Gift Vouchers & Cards, Infant/Formula Milk, Cash-back, Dry Cleaning, Fireworks, Online Games & Instant Tickets, Photo Printing, Saver Stamps, Postage Stamps, ‘Top-Up’ Mobile Phone Cards, Delivery Charges/Pass, Garden Centre & Pharmacy (where applicable).
  4. The 5p off per litre of fuel coupon can not be redeemed in any Morrisons Daily Petrol Stations including Texaco, BP, JET, Gulf, Shell, Gateway Services, and Esso. For a full list of these outlets scroll down to the bottom of this page.
  5. Only one coupon will be given out per customer per qualifying transaction.
  6. Coupons can be redeemed at all Morrisons Petrol Filling Stations (excluding Gibraltar) between Thursday 5th Jan – Sunday 22nd Jan 2023.
  7. To claim your fuel discount, present your coupon at the Petrol Filling Station kiosk when paying for fuel.
  8. Copied, damaged and defaced coupons will not be accepted. Coupons cannot be transferred, auctioned, sold or traded & any such coupons found will be invalidated.
  9. Coupons cannot be exchanged for cash.
  10. Coupons can only be used once and are valid for one vehicle only
  11. Multiple coupons cannot be used in the same transaction.
  12. Valid against one single transaction to a maximum of 100 litres of fuel. No discount will be given should one single transaction exceed 100 litres of fuel. 
  13. Coupons can only be redeemed at the Petrol Filling Station kiosk and not at the Pay at the Pump facility. 
  14. Coupons cannot be accepted alongside any other promotions or coupons. 
  15. The Promoter accepts no responsibility for lost or damaged coupons and reserves the right to modify or terminate this promotion if circumstances beyond its control make this necessary. 
  16. This coupon is, and shall remain, the property of Wm Morrison Supermarkets Limited and is not for resale or publication. 
  17. Promoter Wm Morrison Supermarkets Limited, Gain Lane, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD3 7DL. Registered in England No 358949

Leicester Morrisons Daily TexacoLE4 9UX
Hednesford Morrisons Daily TexacoWS12 5DE
Bilston Morrisons DailyTexacoWV14 6RN
Dudley Port Morrisons Daily TexacoDY4 7RB
Catford Morrisons DailyTexacoSE6 1AA
Hendon Morrisons DailyEssoNW4 3AQ
Chelmsford Morrisons Daily EssoCM1 2RY
Peterborough Morrisons Daily EssoPE1 4SA
Blackburn (West End) Morrisons Daily TexacoBB2 6PN
Clayton Morrisons DailyTexacoST5 4AE
Norden Morrisons DailyTexacoOL11 5XR
Radcliffe Morrisons Daily TexacoM26 2UG
Fulwood Morrisons DailyTexacoPR2 9XL
Woodbank Morrisons DailyTexacoS8 0RS
Meadowhead Morrisons Daily BPS8 7UJ
Lockwood Morrisons DailyTexacoHD1 3QU
Kings Drive Morrisons Daily ESSOBN21 2QP
Queens Park Morrisons Daily ESSOCW2 7SJ
Collingwood Morrisons Daily ESSOFY3 8BZ
Keighley Morrisons DailyBPBD20 7DT
Hengrove Way Morrisons Daily ESSOBS4 1UJ
Ellenbrook Morrisons Daily BPIP2 9RP
Spring Road Morrisons Daily BPIP4 5NA
Longbridge Morrisons Daily ESSOB31 4QH
Fernside Morrisons DailyESSOCR0 3AB
Brooklands Morrisons Daily ESSORH19 1DJ
Denbrook Morrisons DailyESSOBD4 6NL
Winston Morrisons DailyESSODA1 2PZ
Conniburrow Morrisons Daily BPMK14 7BF
Roundway Morrisons DailyESSOSN10 2EP
Temple Farm Morrisons Daily ESSOME2 2NY
Taunton West Morrisons Daily ESSOTA1 5LU
Orient Morrisons DailyESSOE10 7PN
Melksham Morrisons DailyESSOSN12 6DE
Morriston Morrisons Daily ESSOSA7 9AD
Wessington Way Morrisons Daily BPSR5 3NX
Villa Morrisons DailyESSODH8 6BE
Durham Road Morrisons Daily ESSOSR2 7QX
Penrhos Morrisons DailyESSOCF15 7UN
Abergavenny Morrisons Daily ESSONP7 5PR
Toton Lane Morrisons Daily ESSONG9 7JD
Stanningley Road Morrisons Daily BPLS13 4AD
Stourport Morrisons Daily ESSODY13 9AN
Wigston Morrisons DailyESSOLE18 1PA
Lanehead M DailyTexacoWA3 2BD
Harlow Morrisons DailyESSOCM18 6NQ
Harvey Road Morrisons Daily ESSODE24 8JZ
Portsbridge Morrisons Daily ESSOPO6 2SJ
Matlock Green Morrisons Daily ESSODE4 3BT
Kingwinsford Morrison Daily BPDY6 8BS
Forestdale Morrisons Daily ESSOCR2 8JT
Trenchlock Morrisons Daily ESSOTF1 6SZ
Wetley Rocks Morrisons Daily TexacoST9 0BA
Carlton Morrisons DailyTexacoNG4 3GP
Coombe Hill Morrisons Daily TexacoGL19 4BQ
Moulsford Morrisons Daily GulfOX10 9HW
Riverside Morrisons Daily BPDE56 2EJ
Leeds Gateway Morrisons Daily Gateway Service StationLS9 0AA
Walcote Morrisons DailyGulfLE17 4JW
Astwood Morrisons DailyEssarB96 6EA
Daventry Morrisons DailyESSONN11 4GD
Crawcrook Morrisons Daily ESSONE40 4NU
Ripon Morrisons DailyESSOHG4 2SD
Sandringham Morrisons Daily BPLE4 7PM
Doncaster Morrisons Daily GulfDN12 3AL
Solent Morrisons DailyESSOPO13 0XL
Thornhill Morrisons Daily ESSOSO18 5TQ
Meteor Morrisons DailyShellDE55 2AS
Chester Rd Morrisons Daily JETDH9 0QD
Pembury Morrisons DailyESSOTN2 4NG
Corby North Morrisons Daily JETNN17 2AE
Corby South Morrisons Daily ShellNN18 8TJ
Willowtree Morrisons Daily EssoNE66 2HA
Tring Morrisons DailyShellHP23 5ED
Kingscroft Morrisons Daily EssoKT22 7SP
Iden Park Morrisons Daily EssoTN12 0EJ
Overpool Morrisons DailyBPCH66 2JF
Alnwick2 Morrisons DailyBPNE66 2GD
Baddeley Green Morrisons Daily ShellST2 7HE
Astonfields Morrisons Daily ShellST16 3HY
Blackheath Morrisons Daily BPSE3 0DZ
Burnham on Sea Morrisons Daily EssoTA8 1EW
Ibstock Morrisons DailyBPLE67 6HA
University Morrisons Daily EssoEX4 5AD
Keynsham Morrisons DailyEssoBS31 1TN
Whiddon Down Morrisons Daily EssoEX20 2QT
Bunny Morrisons DailyJETNG11 6QT
Pipbrook Morrisons DailyEssoRH4 1JA
Whitwick Morrisons DailySHELLLE67 5AW
Chimes Morrisons DailyEssoBR6 7SE
Anfield Morrisons DailyEssoL4 0UE
Lockhurst Lane Morrisons Daily BPCV6 5NY
Beverley Morrisons DailyShellHU17 0XL
Chellow Heights Morrisons Daily ShellBD9 6NF
Pennine Morrisons DailyShellHD2 1QD
Trowbridge Morrisons Daily BPBA14 6DW
Bournmoor Morrisons Daily GulfDH4 6EY
Billinghurst Morrisons Daily EssoRH14 9HN
Atherton Morrisons DailyBPM46 0LN
Colnbrook Morrisons Daily BPSL3 0EH
Langley Morrisons DailyBPSL3 8BB
Leads Road, Hull Morrisons Select BPHU7 0DF
Oswestry Morrisons Select ShellSY11 1QW
Kingsweston Morrisons Select TexacoBS11 0AH