If you need some new ideas for baking with the kids, we've a tasty batch of inspiration below. Try our rainbow smarties cake, shortbread shapes, thumbprint biscuits and muffins below - or have a go at making your own bread to teach them a new skill for life.

Chocolate Fudge Cake

Gooey, colourful and easy to make - ideal for kids to bake and eat when the weather keeps you all indoors. Take a look at our recipe and step-by-step guide to get going.

Baking With Kids

Strawberry & Banana Muffins

A great way to use up any fruit you have left in the fridge, and an easy recipe to get children into baking. Bake a batch  for the whole family to enjoy as you snuggle up for an indoor picnic.

Baking With Kids 2

No-butter Almond Shortbreads

Grab your favourite biscuit cutters and get baking together, with this easy recipe for a no-butter shortbread bake. They're as delicious as their buttered cousins - and tasty in any shape you choose to create.

Baking With Kids 3

Thumbprint Biscuits

If you're after a really simple bake to keep little fingers (or thumbs) busy indoors, look no further than these yummy chocolatey thumbprint biscuits. Try the recipe here.

Baking With Kids 5

Simple White Bread Loaf

If you want to try a savoury bake instead, this simple loaf recipe is ideal for introducing kids to bread-making. You don't have to use butter, but it does give a soft, light texture and a golden finish.

Baking With Kids 6