Website Accessibility Statement

As a major supermarket chain and employer, Morrisons is committed to providing facilities suitable for people with disabilities. As part of this commitment this website has been built to internationally recognised accessible website guidelines produced by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and aims to exceed Level A of those guidelines.

This page provides information on ways that this website has been written to assist users identify helpful features of this site. If you are looking for information related to physical accessibility within Morrisons Stores please view our Facilities for Shoppers with Disabilities page.


Navigation of this site is primarily accomplished via a expanding left hand navigation menu which has a ‘Skip Navigation’ link to allow screen-readers to reach the content of each page more rapidly.

crumbtrail navigation menu is also available just before the start of page content to help orient the user within the site, there is also a Sitemap available to allow rapid access to all pages on the site.


This site has been designed using relative Cascading Style Sheets to allow the user to override the default appearance of the site in a number of ways, the most basic of which is to ensure that users can change their choice of font size easily through their browser options. Most modern browsers allow you to increase the viewport. With a PC, simply hold the 'Ctrl' key and press '+' to increase or '-' to decrease the viewport size. With a MAC, do the same but with the 'apple' key rather than 'Ctrl'. If you are using an old browser, try 'View' menu > 'Text Size' > Select chosen size (Largest to Smallest).


Some areas of this website use advanced Javascript techniques that may not work very well with screen-readers.


While wherever possible we have provided an HTML version of content on this website, some content is provided in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. For information on how to access this content with specialist browsers please visit

Further Information

The official W3C guidelines are available at