The ‘Wonky Veg’ issue

Society is at the beginning of tackling the problem of edible food waste.

In a typical field of carrots, some might be mis-shapen or have ‘fangs’ and these can be difficult to sell. There are also very big carrots, small carrots and broken carrots and these can also be difficult to sell. Around 30 per cent of the carrots we buy don’t make it into Class 1 bags. The problem is not confined to carrots and is not confined to the UK.  Products, such as tropical fruit, can also end up growing in unusual shapes and sizes.  Morrisons is helping by selling ‘wonky’ bags of certain vegetables but there is much more to do. 

The Morrisons Wonky Veg Promises

Watch our Wonky TV Ad

[i] Kantar 2018

[ii] Unless the Class 1 is on promotion