Nothing says I love you like a carefully crafted bouquet of flowers. Our Valentine’s flowers are back! Look out for new beautiful bouquets available in store from the 11th - 14th February. From a dozen red roses at just £5 to our irresistible Pure Love Bouquet at £15. Or for the ultimate romancing, treat your loved one to The Best Valentine’s Roses, yours for £20.

Take a sneak peak below at our Valentine's Flower range coming to stores on Friday 11th February. Keep scrolling to watch the video below for your very own Valentine's Day inspiration - have a happy Valentine's!

Dozen Red Roses - £5

My Valentine - £10

Pure Love - £15

The Best Valentine's Roses - £20

Top tips from our in-store florists to help keep your bouquets beautiful

Cherish your Valentine’s blooms for longer by following our in-store florists handy top tips to help keep your bouquets beautiful for five days and beyond 🌹

  1. Always use fresh water
  2. Use the flower food provided and stir to avoid any lumps
  3. Remove any leaves that sit below the water line
  4. Cut the stems at an angle, this helps them absorb more water
  5. Don’t overcrowd the vase
  6. And remember to change the water every 2-3 days