Children’s Hospice Week (19-25 June) celebrates the lifeline care the UK’s 54 children’s hospices give to families caring for a seriously ill child. This week through our partnership with Together for Short Lives, we're shining a light on these amazing hospices and the  support they give so that families can make the most of every moment they have together.

Oscar’s Story

For Oscar and his family, Haven's Hospices have given them hope. Oscar was born with quadriplegia cerebral palsy, and more recently his gut started to fail. He also had a burnout from another movement disorder which affected his brainstem, and has no recovery. 

In 2019 started receiving care from Little Havens Children’s Hospice. Mum, Adelaide, said “When we were first referred, I was horrified. I had this image of a hospice being very sad and was full of dread. Within minutes we soon realised it's a really happy place.”

“Little Havens have taken the time to get to know Oscar. He's known for liking his Harry Potter, he’s known for liking music. It's not about his medical condition and his medicines.”

The family also receive care in their own home through the Little Havens Community Team. “They care for Oscar how I would as his mum,” says Mum Adelaide, “Little Havens have seen us through really hard time. It’s much more to us than respite care, they help to get the best out of each day for Oscar.”

With Morrisons’ support, Together for Short Lives will be there for many more families caring for a seriously ill child like Isabella’s. Find out more about our partnership with Together for Short Lives and learn more about what children’s hospices are really like through the Rainbows hospice tour.

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