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Morrisons More card FAQs for More for Students

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What is More for Students?

More for Students is a club created for University students who are also More card customers. Members will receive benefits throughout the year such as extra More Points promotions, competitions, free products and discounts.

How do I become a More for Students Member?

To sign up to More for Students you firstly need to be a valid More card member. You can then register for More for Students here and then you will need to verify your account with your student email address. There are instructions on how to do this when entering your details. Once you have done this, an email with a click to activate link will then be sent to your student University email address. Once you have activated this link and your account has been verified you will be a confirmed More for Students member. Please note, although you will need to activate your More for Students account using your student email address, you can register for a More card using any preferred email address.

Do I have to be a student to join More for Students?

Yes - More for Students is a club especially designed for University students. You must have a valid university email address ending with that you can use to verify your account.