We’re always looking for ways to make life easier for our customers. That’s why, when you buy beers, wines, spirits and other drinks for your gathering from your Morrisons store, we’ll go one better and lend you the glasses you need too - free of charge. You can find out if your nearest Morrisons offers this service here.

Glasses you can loan:

Wine glasses
Sherry glasses
Champagne flutes

There’s no limit to the number of glasses you can hire, other than the quantity we have available when you need them. Each store normally has over 100 glasses of each type in stock, packed and ready to go. As our stores have a limited supply of glasses available to hire, we recommend that you let us know which glasses you’ll need as soon as possible – particularly during busy times such as Christmas or New Year.

How to order

  1. Check availability of glassware in advance and give the store a call - you can find their phone numbers in our Store Finder.
  2. Call into your nearest store and visit our Customer Service Desk to order the glasses you need.
  3. You'll also need to buy the drinks the glasses are for at the same time - take your pick from our lagers, ales, spirits and award winning wines.
  4. Simply return the glasses when you’re done, washed and ready for their next party.

We’ll ask you to leave a small £20 deposit when you place your order, which you’ll get back when you return the glasses. There’s a 50p charge for any breakages too, and a £1 charge per dozen glasses if they are returned unbroken but in unsatisfactory condition for next use. All glass loans subject to availability.