Car Parking at Morrisons

Most Morrisons stores have a car park, and where possible we offer free parking to make life easier for you. We also provide Parent & Child spaces, Disabled Bays and a range of trolley types to help everyone enjoy a hassle free shopping experience - harnesses are available at the Customer Service Desk of your Morrisons store.

Please note: some restrictions may apply to make sure as many spaces as possible are available for those who need them. Full details of any charges and parking rules are signposted around our car parks. These restrictions apply to all of our Morrisons customers. However, if you need more time or assistance please contact a member of staff inside the store.

Parking pointers:

  • Parent and Child parking spaces should only be used by families.
  • Please park with courtesy, within the lines of your bay.
  • Look out for pedestrians, and allow them to cross safely before driving on.
  • Return all trolleys to the store entrance or a trolley shelter.
  • Always drive in the correct lane - and follow any ‘one way’ rules.


You’ll need to unlock our trolleys with a £1 coin or trolley coin, but you’ll get this back when you return it and couple it back up to another trolley. If you need some change, just let us know at Customer Services. If you prefer, you can buy a trolley coin from our Kiosk - with all proceeds going towards our chosen Charity of the Year.

If you find a lost trolley on your travels, please contact your local store with information of where the trolley can be located. We’ll then send a member of staff to collect it as soon as possible.