As more and more people turn to alternative diets either through choice or lifestyle changes, more and more treats are becoming available to make sure vegans don’t miss out on all the chocolate fun at Easter. As the hunt begins for dairy-free and vegan Easter eggs this year, here are our picks for choccy treats that are free from dairy and ideal for making sure there’s something for everyone from the Easter Bunny this year.

Vegan Easter eggs available at Morrisons

Moo-Free eggs

Registered vegan, Moo Free’s dairy free chocolate Easter eggs are made from their award winning, organic and dairy free chocolate recipe. Better still, their Easter eggs are also gluten free, wheat free, lactose free, casein free and suitable for vegetarians.


Moo Free vegan Easter eggs are made in exactly the same way as 'normal' Easter eggs. Their chocolate experts use spinning machinery and just replace the cows' milk in 'normal' eggs with rice milk.

"One of the directors has a gluten intolerance, and the other has an intolerance to lactose - as does one of the directors' children. At the time the company was founded, there were very few 'free from' and vegan alternatives to milk chocolate on the market and - in fact - Easter eggs were the first item produced by Moo Free."
Christopher Pritchard, Moo Free Chocolates

Other vegan chocolate Easter treats