Turn a hollow chocolate Easter egg into a rainbow coloured unicorn with just a few ingredients. We show you how to decorate 1 large egg, but you can choose any size egg and make as many as you like - just follow these simple steps...

Total time required: 45 mins (plus chilling)


- 1 waffle ice cream cone
- Edible gold glitter spray
- 1 marshmallow
- 1 tsp pink glimmer sugar
- 400g tub buttercream flavour frosting
- Blue food colouring
- Yellow food colouring
- Pink food colouring
- 1 Belgian white chocolate Easter egg
- Blue writing icing tube
- A few edible silver balls and sugar flowers and leaves
- Small handful of candy floss

To get started...

1 - To make the unicorn horn, use a small knife trim the base of the waffle ice cream cone to make a 10cm horn shape. Spray all over with gold glitter spray. Set aside.
2 - To make the ears, cut the marshmallow in half diagonally. Sprinkle the cut side with pink glimmer sugar. Set aside.


3 - Divide the buttercream flavour frosting between 3 small bowls and beat in a few drops of blue, yellow or pink food colouring into each.
4 - Fit a star nozzle to a disposable piping bag and spoon alternate teaspoonfuls of the frosting into the bag to create a rainbow effect.
5 - Remove the egg from the packaging but leave it sitting upright on the plastic base.
6 - Using the blue writing icing tube, pipe eyelashes on the front of the egg.

To serve...

8 - Pipe more of the frosting in swirls and blobs around the horns and ears. Don’t pipe too far down the back of the egg or it will topple over. You will have some frosting left
in the piping bag you can use this to decorate smaller eggs in the same way, if liked.
9 - Dot the piped frosting with silver balls and decorate with a sugar flower. Carefully place in the fridge and leave for 1 hour to allow the frosting to set firmly.
10 - Just before serving, cover the plastic base the egg is sitting on with fluffy clumps of candy floss and decorate with more sugar flower and leaves.