’ve had your results, celebrated with friends and suddenly realised that you’ll soon have to do your own laundry - university is just a few short ‘get-up-when-you-like’ weeks away. To help you prepare for life in the lecture theatre (as well as life outside it), we asked our very own graduates to do some revision on the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and study essentials they needed as freshers. Here’s a list of 61 things they think you’ll need for uni.

"We can help students out with more than just their day-to-day grocery shopping - with thousands of non-food items available from pens and plates to first aid kits and frying pans, freshers can find all the things they need in one place at Morrisons."
Natasha Morton, Online Buying Manager, General Merchandise and Clothing

For the bathroom

53. Towels

54. Toiletries

55. Wash bag

56. Toilet roll

For the lecture theatre

57. Laptop and tech accessories

58. Printer equipment

59. Pens

60. Files

61. Calculator