Looking after your waistline can be a bit of a stretch at Christmas - so here are our top 10 tips to help you make the holidays as healthy as possible without missing out on all those festive treats.

  1. Keep fruity snacks on hand to avoid snacking on other sweet treats. Festive favourites include clementines, dates, cranberries and figs which are all perfect to snack on the go when you’re out Christmas shopping.
  2. If you do choose other snacks like mini mince pies or brownies, swap full size for bite size versions of snacks.
  3. Look for mince pies with an open up lid rather than a closed up lid or make your own and top your mince pie with a cut out star/leaf. This will cut back on calories and the amount of fat you consume.
  4. For Christmas Dinner, try a festive salad as a starter. And instead of roasting your vegetables, steam or boil them to cut down calories and fat.
  5. Make turkey your meat of choice - it’s a leaner meat and a good source of protein. Remember to remove the skin to reduce your fat intake.
  6. Fill up your plate with vegetables first. Get into the festive spirit and indulge in them all: parsnips, cauliflower, carrots, sprouts and swede are all top choices.
  7. Make your bread sauce with skimmed milk - add garlic, cloves or nutmeg to enhance the flavour.
  8. Rustle up your gravy with reduced salt sugar gravy granules - often gravy can be loaded with salt.
  9. Take a breather for 10 minutes and let your food digest before you go in for seconds (having a rest might mean you don’t actually want seconds which is obviously better for your calorie intake).
  10. For festive tipples, swap cider and beer for a single-shot spirit mixed with sugar free soft drinks.