To make sure our Morrisons Flowerworld bouquets are delivered in tip top condition, we send them to our ‘Flower Gym’ - and test their strength with science. Here’s how we go to extreme lengths to ‘train’ the 260 million blooms that we pick every year.

Stress testing our stems

We put a small sample of every batch through its paces in a ‘Flower Gym’, in acclimatised air conditioning chambers, a lot like those used by the SAS. Just as in our special forces’ selection process, only the most robust specimens make it through, which means we can send out the highest quality of bouquet.

Sending our flowers to sleep
During transportation, we suspend flowers that can only be grown overseas in a state of ‘sleep’ to keep them fresh. We do this by cooling the plants to just below 6C, which slows down their life processes. Our flowers are ‘woken up’ when they get to us in the UK, then warmed and fed.

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Putting our flowers on a diet

As part of our process, we develop sophisticated flower diets to give them the nutrition they need to survive - and flourish - for as long as possible.

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