Our new ‘Way Down Price Crunch’ TV advert is now on air, with Morrisons staff from stores around the country introducing our most exciting Price Crunch yet. Here are just some of the friendly faces you might see next time you’re shopping at Morrisons.

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Aaron Rowe, Kiosk Assistant, Hilmore House Head Office

“I’ve worked with Morrisons for 11 years and this is one of the best things I’ve done. Price is a huge part of shopping and the Way Down Price Crunch shows customers that we’re putting them first. I’d love to do it again!”


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Kam Patel, Butcher, Bradford Victoria

“The atmosphere filming the Way Down Price Crunch advert was amazing. We had so much fun learning the routine together and it was great to meet colleagues from across our stores and sites.”


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Lynn Frame, Checkout Manager, Cambuslang

“The dancing was definitely my highlight – since filming I’ve joined dance classes after work because it was such great fun. I’m proud to tell our customers about the advert and our great value food.”


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Les Sutton, Produce Assistant, Chorley

“I was over the moon to be chosen to be part of the advert. A lot of work went into making it behind the scenes and I made new friends in the process who are all passionate about working for Morrisons – we’re all excited to be the face of Way Down Price Crunch.”


Some of the products starring in our Way Down Price Crunch...

1. Salad Tomatoes 6-pack  - was 60p, crunched way down to 50p

2. British Pork Loin Joint - was £5.46 per kg, crunched way down to £5 per kg

3. Cream Chocolate Eclairs 4-pack - was £1.30, crunched way down to £1

4. White Split Tin 800g - was £1.20, crunched way down to £1

5. Flora Pro-Activ 500g - was £3.93, crunched way down to £2.97