Wine and cheese parties are so much fun - and a great way to add a little drop of ‘occasion’ to a midweek supper or weekend get-together with friends. Here’s a selection of nibbles from our Morrisons The Best cheese range to help you put together a top tasting board - and pair your Brie, Cheddar and Blue with the right wines.

The Best for...
Sauvignon Blanc

NEW: The Best Ravensoak Goat's Brie cheese
Tasting notes: Smooth, almonds, white wine

The Best for...

The Best Manchego
Tasting notes: rich, nutty

The Best for...
Cabernet Sauvignon

NEW: The Best Quicke’s Extra Mature Cheddar cheese
Tasting notes: Savoury, buttery, rich, horseradish

The Best for...
Pinot Grigio

The Best Wensleydale cheese
Tasting notes: Sweet, mild, honey

The Best for...

NEW: The Best Belton Farm Vintage Red Fox cheese
Tasting notes: Sweet, savoury, nutty

The Best for...

NEW: The Best Burland Bloom Brie cheese
Tasting notes:Delicate, creamy, buttery

The Best for...

The Best Butlers Tasty Lancashire cheese
Tasting notes: rich, tangy

The Best for...
Sweet Sherry

The Best Blue Stilton cheese
Tasting notes: Spicy, buttery, complex

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