We all know the Christmas feast is one of the best parts of the festive season, but with all the various components of the dish playing such an important role, it can often be a juggling act to balance your timings, flavours and oven space on the big day.

That’s why we’ve put together this handy list of delicious starters you can serve to commence the feast, grouped by how long they take to make. Simply pick and choose according to how much spare time you have in your schedule, and tuck in and enjoy! 

Ten minutes or less

Super speedy and full of flavour, these dishes require just ten minutes to create. They look fantastic, and taste even better, so are sure to bring joy to your Christmas dinner table. They can be assembled before you sit down to eat, with the finishing touches simply being added just before you’re ready to serve. 

Up to twenty minutes 

If you have slightly more time on your hands, whether that’s to prep or allow time for these dishes to cook, the below take twenty minutes or less to go from ingredients to dish. Full or warming, deliciously indulgent ingredients, they’re sure to start your dinner off with joy.

Up to forty five minutes 

When you have a little more time to spend on your first course, the below dishes are sure to delight. You could even make dishes such as the pate in advance and serve on warmed crusty bread, while the cauliflower tart can be made the morning of your feast and served as a cold starter should you wish.

An hour and over

When you’ve got all day to enjoy indulging in your Christmas dinner, taking an hour to prepare the starter is a real treat. The below dishes are a delight to look at, even more enjoyable to eat and are sure to add a real wow-factor to your Christmas dinner table this year.