If you’re looking for ideas on healthier post-Christmas recipes to help you kick start your year in the right way (and make the most of January's seasonal food) we’re here to help with a round of vegetable-packed meal inspiration - a tasty smoothie idea for breakfast, a spicy soup for chilly-day lunches, and a pair of winter warmer dishes for dinner or supper.  

The Pick Of Our January Root Vegetables

January - and winter as a whole - is all about root vegetables. Beetroot, celeriac, horseradish, (Jerusalem) artichokes, parsnips, swede/turnip and carrots all add colour and flavour to your cooking, and are ideal for making sure you kick start the year in the right way with lots of nutrition on your plate.

Getting Your Five A Day

You should always seek advice from professionals before you embark on any specific diet. But eating more vegetables as the New Year gets underway is a great way to ensure you get your Five A Day. Using fresh veg in ‘from scratch’ meals will help you feel like you’re making positive changes straight away, and it’s a big help when your resolution is to eat a more balanced diet in 2020.  

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Beet The Blues Smoothie

Blended with carrot and apple, beetroot is ideal for a New Year, New You smoothie if you’re trying to eat more fruit and veg in 2020.


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Parsnip & Cumin Soup

This is a delicious and warming vegetarian soup for January, with an extra chilli and cumin kick for a satisfying light lunch or supper.


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Butternut Squash Risotto

This delicious roast squash and kale risotto is a good way to double up on your veggies in a steaming winter dish.


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Carrot & Apricot Tagine

Bring the sunshine to your dinner table in January with this bright and bold North African-style chicken, fruit and veg tagine.


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