The festive season is just around the corner, and we’ve got a whole host of NEW and exciting party favourites to try. Whether you’re celebrating Christmas with a festive buffet, planning a party with your work mates, or bringing in the New Year in style, there’s no need to worry about feeding your guests however you’re celebrating this year.

We’ve got brand new vegan options, sweet treats, meaty dishes and everything in between, all from our new, frozen, range. Dive in below and find your new favourite party nibbles from Morrisons.

Something savoury...

The savoury options in our frozen party food range are almost endless. We’ve got plenty of mixed party selections to choose from, including 19-piece Oriental selections and a tasty chicken platter, these staple party food dishes are sure to delight your guests.

We’ve also got a huge range of festive treats by the box, including packs of pigs in blankets, sweet chilli bubble prawns, ham and cheese croquettes and chicken satay skewers, plus many more. Mix and match to provide your guests with a variety of options, or simply make sure you stock up on your favourites to make sure there are plenty to go around.

For those that can’t resist a little cheesy treat on the buffet menu, we’ve got those all important cheesy staples - mini deep dish pizzas and of course, mozzarella sticks - delish served with a homemade relish or chutney. 

Something sweet...

The festive period wouldn’t be quite as festive without a whole host of sweet treats to indulge in, and thankfully, we’ve got them in abundance in our frozen party food range. Here are a selection of our favourites:

Something vegan...

We’ve got new and exciting vegan options to try in our frozen party food range. Featuring ingredients such as jackfruit, kidney beans, soya and tasty vegetables, there’s a great variety to make the most of in our range below:

For more inspiration on incorporating more vegan options into your Christmas dinner, take a look at our guide to vegan party food this season.