If you want to try something a little different when it comes to Christmas cake, take a look at these fun ideas from our festive Food to Order selection below. You can add to your order right up until 7pm on Saturday, 16th December.



The Best Belgian Chocolate Christmas Pudding Cake

(Page 38 of our Food to Order guide)

If you love cake, but not Christmas pudding, this is the ideal compromise. Chocolate cake with Belgian chocolate ganache and gold shimmer.



Robby The Robin Chocolate Cake

(Page 38 in our Food to Order guide)

A chocolate sponge cake filled with chocoloate buttercream and hand decorated with soft icing, this one's a real crowd-pleaser at parties.



The Best Chocolate Christmas Tree

(Page 35 in our Food to Order guide)

Heres an unforgettable table decoration - layers of chocolate sponge, Belgian dark and white chocolate mousse and crunchy ganache, hand decorated and brushed with gold dust shimmer.



Cheese Cake

(Page 43 in our Food to Order guide)

This is what we call a real cheese cake. Somerset Goat's Cheese, Cornish Camembert, Harrogate Blue, Wensleydale, Gould's Cheddar, Belton's Cheshire and Red Leiceseter come together in style for a wonderful festive display.



Giant Christmas Pudding Cookie

(Page 36 in our Christmas catalogue)

A very large chocolate cookie, prepared in store by our cake experts with frosting decoration.