Just because the weather’s taken a turn for the chilly, it doesn’t mean you and your family need to stay indoors all the time. So once you’ve reached the patience threshold for watching TV and spending cosy days indoors, take a look at our guide full of inspiration for fun things to do outdoors this winter. All you need to prepare are a few layers of winter clothing and you’re all set.

Get on your bikes

On a dry day, getting out and about on your bikes can be a real treat. Make sure you’re wrapped up with gloves and wooly hats, pack up the sandwiches and away you go. Woodland trails can be a great option for winter rides, or you can head along to organised bike rides as a family. Organisations such as Let’s Ride have plenty of information on upcoming events, including plenty of fun facts and tips for teaching your little ones to ride a bike. Check them out at letsride.co.uk.

Go on a nature trail

Whether it’s at your local nature reserve or simply around your back garden, getting out and exploring the bugs and critters that live outdoors can be a really fascinating experience for the family. You can teach the little ones all about the different habitats using information from organisations such as The Woodland Trust, they even have factsheets and activity sheets that you can download and explore with children aged 3-5. Check them out here

Get creative

Autumn and winter are excellent times of the year to look to nature for a little creative inspiration. Crispy autumn leaves and dry twigs can provide all the materials your little ones need to spend a day creating and making. Get wrapped up and head outside to see what you can find - dried (clean) leaves can be turned into excellent autumnal monster masks when glued to a piece of card, while dry twigs can be painted and transformed into just about anything, from festive decorations to your very own magic wand.