Now’s a good time to think about stocking up on their back to school essentials early, and make sure your little ones (and not so little ones) have what they need after the summer holidays. From pens and pencils to things that will help with their homework - and fun backpacks to put it all in - you’ll find a range of essentials to choose from at Morrisons.


From fun unicorn, dinosaur and character illustrations to animal bags and more ‘grown-up’ designs, a good backpack is important for the start of term - and a great way for kids to express themselves when they’re at school. Take your pick from our range in store - with selected bags available online too - and start filling it with supplies.

Pencil Cases

Keeping a pencil case is a great way to help teach younger children how to look after their things...and a necessity for older kids who need to keep more and more pens, pencils, rulers and other stationery together as they move through the school years.


Whether they’re doing spelling tests, sums or SATS practice, they’ll need plenty of writing must-haves all year round. Stock up before the kids go back, and keep a ‘spares’ pot so they can keep topping up their pencil cases when things go missing.


Our range of lunchtime containers is packed with choice - whether you prefer to send them off to school with a bag or a box. We’ve got portion-sized storage in our range too, which are ideal for fruit, snacks or leftovers.


Whether they’re just starting in Reception or need a little help when SATs time comes around, you can find a range of workbooks at Morrisons. From writing practice to phonics and times tables, the books are ideal for spending time learning as a family after the bell goes.

Homework Kit

As the saying goes, “Fail to prepare - prepare to fail”. That’s especially true when it comes to making sure the kids have important essentials for after school, as well as kit they need for revision, note-taking and exams.