This Sunday is Father’s Day, so make sure you get the gift-buying wrapped up in plenty of time for the celebrations. To help, here are our favourite gift ideas if you have an 'under-a-tenner' budget. You can order them online with your groceries as well as in store - ideal if you need to buy a special something for the family dinner too.

1.Wall-mountable bottle opener - £4

This handy gadget makes a great gift - it’s just the thing for dads who like their beers, lagers and craft ales. Be careful though - he’ll probably make you do all the opening this Sunday if you get him one.


2.Brewdog Punk IPA Gift Set - £5

Here’s to a hoppy Father’s Day with a gift set he’ll love. This popular Punk IPA tastes just as it should from the steamed glass that's just the right size for a Brewdog bottle.



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3. Star Wars ‘I am Your Father’ Travel Mug - £6

In a store not so far, far away - or online - you can buy him this fun travel mug for just £6. Whether he likes his tea with milk, or his coffee on the dark side, this one’s ideal for Star Wars fans.



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4.‘I Love My Daddy’ Photo Frame - £5

This cute picture frame has a 10cm x 10cm window - ideal for an even cuter picture of your favourite daddy-moment memories.



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5.Dad Knows Best Quiz and Joke Book Set - £5 this is where they get all those dad jokes from. Give him some fresh material with a our laugh-a-minute book , as well as a quirky quiz to find out if he really does know everything.



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6.‘This Is an Awesome Dad’ Hip Flask - £5

Whatever his favourite tipple, he’ll love this smart little hip flask. If you have a few more pounds to spend on him, top it up with  whisky or brandy.



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7.Dove Men + Total Care Washbag gift set - £7

Make his day every day, with a selection of Dove grooming goodies and a stylish washbag to keep them all in wherever he goes.



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8.Top Dad Sports Car Construction Set - £4

Dads can build anything, right? Put his construction skills to the test with this fun sports car puzzler and see how fast he can put it all together.



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9.Whisky Selection Gift Set - £7

Drop in with a lovely drop for dad on Father’s Day, and treat him to three popular whiskies: Famous Grouse, Grants and Jamesons.



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10.‘Best Dad’ Chocolate Trophy - £2

If he has a sweet tooth, treat him to a fun token of your appreciation for everything he does. If you’re lucky you might get a piece yourself - he is the best after all.



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Chocolate Cupcakes For Father's Day

Once you’ve got the gifts sorted, make him something special with this easy recipe. It only takes half an hour so it's one the kids can do for dad if they want to really 'bake' his day.

View the recipe here   

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